ATS Breacher

6/3/21 Update- Basic weapon system has been added. Still need particle effects and HUD, but each has ammo properties and can fire at different rates.

6/2/21 Update- The movement system is set up and functioning relatively well. Depending on where the player is they will either use a gravity based movement system or use a zero G system that allows them to float.

6/1/21 Update- ATS Breacher is a tactical space FPS designed and developed for the One Game A Month Jam #1. It is based on another project I have been working on off and on for around two years titled Among the Stars (ATS). ATS is a TTRPG set in a hard sci fi universe. Breacher is intended to be a video game spin off of the core material that focuses on the experience of combat in space environments.
During the game jam the goal is to create the base mechanics (such as zero g movement, "void" vs traditional firearms, and the Reactor game mode) and a single level with basic multiplayer implementation. Full design documents can be found here. This web page and its contents will be updated as design and development progress.